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Divine Love Short Story 'Prayer Capacitor' by Brooke Folk

May 28, 2021 Brooke Folk
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Divine Love Short Story 'Prayer Capacitor' by Brooke Folk
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A Eureka Moment. Anyone can become a Prayer Capacitor. 

Divine Love Story

Prayer Capacitor


Brooke Folk, author.

Narrator: Brooke Folk

A Doc Brown experience. That’s what I’ll call it. The fictional character in the Back to the Future movie. Doc had a fall in the bathroom, causing a vision of a most important component to enable time travel. I on the other hand had a nonfiction bumping of heads or brain sharing during an online Zoom meeting of like minded individuals, regarding prayer circles.

I’m jumping ahead of my storyline and as an author, I need to build you up to the actual happening. Allow me to keep you in mild suspense a short while, before the eureka moment. For that reason, I need to take you back a few days, though not to the beginning. That would have to go back over four years ago. That was the time when my Creator heard from me with an earnest plea conversation. I was just a fresh 69 year old, tired from my elusive search for the truth that Jesus taught in his short ministry. That may have been my first ‘soul felt prayer’ in my lifetime of praying. The rest I’ve come to learn were mindful prayers, most probably not having a receiver on the other end.

Not only was my prayer answered, I was put on a spiritual pathway unknown to me. A soul awakening experience that was never hinted at by man's religions of dogmas and creeds for which I associated with various denominations and many laborius pew discomforting sermons of assumed truths. In brevity, because of my earnest soul's desire to know the truth, prayer was answered. This truth I later learned is of course open to all who desire to know what was in the messages Jesus taught then and now. How do I know it's the truth? My soul tells me so. Just like it was trying to tell me what I was missing when exercising my physical, mindful free will, all those years.

Witnessing the power of prayer in my personal life and others being prayed for, the burning desire for sharing this ‘simple truth’ in a way that wouldn’t offend anyone’s current beliefs, were being discussed. Jesus taught and is teaching how effectual prayer is exponentially magnified when in group prayer. Prayer energy is magnified and causes the light energy emanated from group soul prayers to become like beacons in the night, guiding wayfaring souls. Prayers from the soul are always heard and answered. 

Now to a recent prayer. This prayer was during one of the many awakenings I have each night as a full time caregiver for my mother. “Father, use me as a channel of your love and light, healing, wisdom and truth. It is your Will that I desire in my life. Guide me to my next sharing adventure. There you have it. A short and simple heartfelt prayer. Just as short and simple, the answer came near the end of our ideas of sharing in a Zoom meeting, the very next day. It was  James Tudor who shared his thoughts about an idea of having an hourly prayer in unison with all who would adopt this brief prayer format. It took about a minute but then I realized that this was an answer to prayer and it became my eureka moment like Doc Brown had. Instead of the vision of a Flux Capacitor, the fictional necessary component for time travel, it was a vision of a Prayer Capacitor. A powerful prayer component! A capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy in an electric field. It is a passive electronic component with two terminals. The effect of a capacitor is known as capacitance.

The two terminals to a Prayer Capacitor are you and the Father. Visualize the energy of prayer being stored and released exponentially by the numbers of souls synchronized in a prayer, circle of light, moment. The light emanated is a powerhouse of energy. We are told that our soul's light, generated by prayer, is far reaching and attracts many seeking spirit souls and Celestial Angels. You and another can become a Circle of Light. Even you alone and inviting an angel to pray with you begins a circle. However, if you are reading this and you pause on the hour, when you can, you are joining not only many mortal souls but spirit souls in prayer too. 

You can become a ‘One Minute Prayer Manager’ of your time, right now. Note the time. Be aware of the next top of the hour. A simple earnest prayer to your Creator, regardless of your beliefs, will avail much. An example. “Father, I seek Your Divine Love to come into my awakened soul. I seek Your Truth. Use me as a channel of your Divine Love. Awaken my soul. I seek truth, love, compassion and peace for all mankind, your children, for which I am one. Thank you for Creation and my part in it. Amen.

Within two or three hours, you will begin to think differently. Within a day, you begin to notice prayerful needs for those around you and the needs of others. This prayer moment is between you and the Father, yet it is coupled with those of like mind around the globe and the universe who become a contributor to this ‘on the hour’ prayer circle of light. How simple, how profound, how powerful! Become aware of how the Father showers blessings upon you. Not only you but your family and friends. Your soul begins a new journey, a new awakening, anxious to share new truths with your mindful awareness. It is a huge comfort to also know that our Father, your Creator, assigns angels to watch over you and pray with you. 

Let this short story be your eureka moment! Your Prayer Capacitor vision! Become a time traveler in prayer. A God-a-minute prayer manager on the hour. Don’t have a minute, how about thirty seconds or fifteen? Share this story. Become a Prayer Capacitor. Together we will become a most powerful element in time for our fellowman, for our earthly home. I will be praying along with you at the top of my every waking hour.

Brooke Folk